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Wall Street ended mostly green on Friday, expect Dow Jones



Wall Street

USA stock indexes closed higher on Friday, though the weekly performance of the S&P 500 is not good in comparison to the previous three weeks. The Dow Jones industrial index has to face a little loss.

The initial movements in the stocks of Wall Street were not satisfactory. All the indices started falling after the opening of the market. But stocks regain the points and beat the opening margin quickly.

The S&P 500 rose 11.90 points to reach 3,465.39 points. The technology stocks based NASDAQ has gained 42.32 points. It rose 0.4% to reach at 11,548. NASDAQ 100 has risen 29.66 points to settle at 11, 692.57.  Dow Jones has lost 28.09 points and ended at 28,335.57 points.

However, the US stock futures are also showing green, which is a sign of hope for the investors. But you should deal carefully with Dow Jones, as the indices’ future is still red.

Small-company stocks are performing well continuously in this pandemic affected market. The Russell 2000 index rose 10.25 points.

Investors are hoping for another round of government aid to boost up the market. Millions of people have lost their jobs; almost all the businesses are running in loss due to the corona pandemic. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has assured about the possibility to get another Covid-19 aid before the Nov. 3 election. It now depends mostly on Donald Trump.

Still, the market analysts and traders believe that the stimulus package will come, but they are not sure about the size and trim.

However, if the stimulus package does not come, or the aid amount is insufficient, there is a chance of a market crash. Almost all the market analysts and investor strategists have agreed with this fact that for the last two weeks, the market is showing a stimulus-driven mood. Investors should keep a close eye on the stimulus deal.

Big tech companies like Apple Inc., Facebook Inc., and Inc. will be in focus next week.

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