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United Airlines have met a net loss of $1.8 billion due to pandemic cuts, slump, and cash burn



United Airlines

United Airlines posted on Wednesday about the third-quarter loss. It is broader than the anticipated result, due to this coronavirus pandemic situation. Here’s what the result based on the Refinitiv compiled average estimation shows about the performance of the United States, compared to the expectation of Wall Street:

Adjusted EPS: The expected loss was $7.53 per share, which was hit by $8.16 in real.

Revenue: The expected revenue was $2.50 billion, and the actual one is $2.49.

The Chicago-based carrier has faced a loss of $1.8 billion, in the last three months of up to September 30. Whereas, in the last year, it made a profit of $1 billion.

The United has posted about the per-share loss amounting to $8.6, compared to the estimated per-share loss by the analysts amounting to $7.53. The revenue shows the dropping by 78%, from $11.38 billion to $2.49 in 2019’s third quarter as per the expectations by Wall Street.

All the large carriers like American, Delta, and United Airlines have suffered a major loss. It is due to their struggle during this pandemic situation. This has affected mostly the two of the hardest-hit segments like International and the business areas.

The United results that came a day after the Delta report reveals that the daily cash burn cuts to $25 million/day by the United with a huge difference of $15 million/day from the last quarter. With the $19.4 of liquidity the quarter ended. The received portions of $25 billion for the Federal payroll support that ended on September 30 opened the way for job cuts.

The furloughing of 13000 employees has taken place after the expiry of the federal payroll. It happened due to the failure of Congress and the White House to make a coronavirus stimulus deal for the airlines’ carrier relief.

However, United Caro’s business has shown some bright side in the quarter. It offers a revenue growth of $422 million, up to 50%. This is a highlighting reminder about the airline’s important field. The post-market trading of the United shares was down by 0.4%.

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