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Uber and Tesla stocks are backed by Top Wall Street analysts for the third quarter



Market analysis

We have seen that the stock markets have been the most volatile right now due to the global pandemic that the world is facing as well as the tensions inside the US and other countries too. Now, if we talk about US stock markets then there is no particular trend being seen too. For example, we might see that the stock market is really down on one day and the next day, the same stock market will go up higher without any reason. This tells you that even the investors do not know what they should be doing right now due to the changes in economical conditions everywhere.

However, it is seen that there are definitely some stocks that market analysts including the Top Wall Street analysts are favouring right now and going forward. Talking about those stocks, it is somewhat easier for us to guess what those stocks might be because of the demand in them. These stocks are Tesla and Uber that have been backed by the analysts to be relied upon in the third quarter. This is obviously taking into account the fact that we will see the economy fully re-open by third quarter. But that could change if the cases of COVID-19 keep on rising and the lockdown needs to be enforced once again.

Talking about the two stocks Tesla and Uber, why they are being backed is because Tesla will see a demand in car sales after the pandemic while Uber will be chosen for commute which has slowed down quite a lot right now. Also picked by analysts is Gilead Sciences which is a pharma company said to be developing the first Coronavirus vaccine in the US. This obviously means that if the vaccine is ready, investors will be in for a huge bull run on their stocks.

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