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Toys for Big Boys , Stocks to watch for : An Investor Telegraph Exclusive



Hasbro, Inc. HAS

The toy industry has emerged as a winner in tackling the pandemic as consumers shifted their spending from costly entertainment to toys. Hasbro, in particular, is experiencing strong demand for its products during these struggling times. The stock has had a relatively large price hike in the past.

As a large-cap stock with high coverage by analysts, one can assume any recent changes in the company’s outlook is already priced into the stock. However, Hasbro seems to be fairly priced at around 5.55% above its intrinsic value, which means if you buy Hasbro today, you’d be paying a relatively fair price for it.

And if you believe the company’s true value is below $ 100, it is time to make the move. Furthermore, Hasbro’s low beta implies that the stock is less volatile than the wider market.

Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc (BBW)

Build-A-Bear Workshop stock is up by nearly 17% this year and is trading at below $ 6 presently.

It has risen by over 26 %  in the past quarter and was at $4.38 on January 1. During this period of time, the stock fell as low as $4.21 and as high as $8. 40.. The company has an average price target of $7.50.

Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc is set to release earnings on 3/10/2021. During their last earnings release, the company posted EPS of $-1.82. Its retail store operations continued to be negatively impacted by local restrictions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic with the disruptions escalating as the fourth quarter progressed.

The Company expects to deliver a significant increase in e-commerce sales, strong gross profit, and an increase in cash and equivalents on its balance sheet at quarter-end making it a stock that can go well above $10.

Dollar Tree (DLTR).

Dollar Tree has offered enough bargains to grow into a leading company in its retail niche. It debuted in March 1995, coincidentally at the split-adjusted price of just over $1 per share.

Trading at about $105, the stock is likely to hit the upper circuit anytime as the pandemic effects are weeding over.

The stock jumped over 34% in 2020 as many investors saw the value proposition inherent in its positioning.

By focusing its product selection on quality name brands, and offering them at everyday low prices that are competitive with even the largest discount retailers, it has carved out a niche for itself and is a great investment at its existing price.

The company plans to announce its fourth-quarter results in mid-February.

Golden Nugget Online Gaming (GNOG)

Houston, Texas-based Golden Nugget Online Gaming stock has been hot since last November.

In the past three months, GNOG stock has gone up about 60% and is currently hovering around $18.

After reporting record third-quarter results recently, its revenue and operating income jumped more than 90% year over year, as the company logged another profitable quarter despite the ongoing pandemic.

According to recent industry metrics, the global online gambling market is anticipated to be valued at nearly $ 100 billion by 2023. The current size of the market is almost 59 billion U.S. dollars, meaning the size is forecast to double in the upcoming years.

As a result of such projected growth, GNOG stock is looking at sunny days ahead.

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