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TikTok’s American CEO Leaves Job: The App Selling Itself Very Soon




The success of TikTok has been a roller coaster ride. The app is on the verge of closing in the United States. Although, President Trump has given the second chance when he asked the company to sell itself to some US business. TikTok is still looking for deals to finalise before the due date of 15 September. It was the most popular app among Americans. The app has a tremendous amount of downloads in the Play Store and App Store both. It will probably be a big deal if it is banned from the US.

A new wave hit TikTok when their CEO Kevin Mayer decided to leave the company. Kevin was previously working for Disney’s streaming service known as Disney Plus. It is still unclear as to why the CEO was chosen from America. Many of the experts say that the app had a strategy in mind when they appointed an American CEO but now he has decided to leave which might not be good news for the app. Kevin must be well aware of the circumstances that are going to come in the future for the app. President Trump is already forcing the app to sell its services to a US business by September 15 which is not really a good sign.

Kevin Mayer first composed a letter for the employees before he decided to leave the company. He clearly stated in the letter that his role will tremendously change after TikTok will be sold to some US business. The app also addresses that they are probably selling themselves very soon. Although, the employees of the company said that they didn’t expect the CEO to leave soon. All of the employees were rather shocked at the decision.

President Trump has been accusing TikTok of stealing personal data of the users but the app has clarified that they only store personal data in two servers situated in the US and Singapore respectively.