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TikTokers celebrates the app not getting banned: The application can still face problems




TikTok has apparently made a deal with Oracle so that they can prevent their application from getting banned in the US but as per the experts, the story of the app is still not over. In the deal which is made by Oracle, TikTok will sell its enterprise software. People are rejoicing over the fact that the application will not be getting banned. As per the sources, Safra Catz, the CEO of Oracle apparently has links to Trump’s administration. He has served on Trump’s transition team. Users were very quick to make videos regarding the application not getting banned. Almost all of them were seen dancing out of joy.

The celebration made by the users clearly showed how much the application means to them. The application has around a hundred million users in the US alone. The insights of the Oracle and TikTok deal are not yet available for the common public knowledge. Although, it is said that Oracle will be providing the technical services to the application. This will resolve the national security concerns which were addressed by President Trump. Oracle will also reportedly take a stake in TikTok but not purchase the entire operation. However, the conditions of TikTok’s algorithm are still unclear. Nobody knows what will happen to the algorithm.

The deal between the two companies is still to be evaluated by the government of the US. The deal will be evaluated and reviewed by the foreign investment committee in the US. This procedure will be undertaken at the end of this week most probably. All of the users are looking forward to it. The representatives of Oracle also said that they will be reviewing the technical terms and conditions with the application. Experts are speculating that the application will definitely run in the US because Oracle is a company which is on good terms with Trump.