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TikTok may get vanished from the US: Chinese Government condemns any forced deal with US businesses




A new turn of events has been recorded in the TikTok and US government dispute. TikTok has been struggling to keep its application in the US region because currently, Trump’s administration has given a deadline to the app for selling itself to a US business. The application is witnessing huge problems in selling itself to US business. The concerned authorities of the application are not able to finalize any deals. Recently, the Chinese government also updated the export policies which made it more difficult for the application to sell itself.

The Chinese government also recently launched a statement about the dispute. The authorities of China said that the application must not be self forcefully to US businesses. In the clear words of the Chinese government, it was said that if any deal is made forcefully then it will make China appear like a weak contender and it will face pressure from Washington. The sources having perfect knowledge about the matter also explained that the Chinese government is ready to see the app shutting down from the US region rather than selling it to a US business. The Government of China does not want any sale under the pressure for the application. According to the government, the sale must be a work of patient and thorough research.

On the date of 6 August, the Administration of President Trump requested the parent company of TikTok, ByteDance to sell it to a US business within the next 45 days. If the application is not ready to sell itself to any American company then it will be prohibited from conducting business with the US. President has accused the application of compromising the user data and selling the confidential information of Americans. Walmart and Microsoft were also seen partnering up to buy the application. Oracle was also one of the competitors in buying the application.