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TikTok asked all of the social media firms to assemble for a meeting through letters on Tuesday




TikTok is requesting all of the social media firms for a global coalition. This is in the respect of identifying and removing harmful content from their respective platforms. The news about the same came in the media on Tuesday. Social media networking applications are nowadays facing outreach and criticism because of the flow of misinformation. Social media platforms are also facing issues by the government with respect to data piracy and many other aspects related to the same. TikTok has also been the talk of the town since very long. The application faced a lot of criticism with respect to data piracy of US users.

TikTok was also the main issue of the tensions between the US and China. The company has sent around 9 letters to different types of social media firms. In the letters, the company have identified the different types of content moderation policies. The company has not named any of the firms that it has sent the letter to. The officials who wanted to know about the situation have reached TikTok but the latter has denied making any comment. As per the sources, it is also said that the company has proposed all of the social media firms to undertake a meeting about the same.

TikTok has till now removed around 104 million videos from the platforms globally. These videos were taken down only in the first half of the year. The videos reportedly violated the terms and conditions of the platform. 96.4 per cent of the videos were taken down before any user reported them. 94.3 per cent of videos were removed after they received some views. The company has also got 1700 requests for user data with 16% directly from US law enforcement agencies. The parent company of the application is still struggling to meet a deal with US businesses. The app was accused of using US users’ data and supplying it to the Communist Party of China.