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TikTok and WeChat will be blocked for new downloads: US Commerce Department pulls the apps from Play Store and App Store




As per the reports, it is said that the US Commerce Department will be issuing an order that will prevent the people from downloading major applications owned by the Chinese officials including TikTok. The order will be issued by the US government officials on Friday. The residents of the United State will now not be able to download their favourite applications from the Play Store or App Store. The list of applications includes famous video sharing application called TikTok and famous messaging application, WeChat. The order will be issued on 20th September. Although, it is said that the ban on new downloads of TikTok can be still cancelled by the President.

The ban on the application will be taking place on Sunday but the President can still revoke the ban before the last date. The parent company of the application can still reach the deal so that it can prevent the ban from happening. The parent company of TikTok, ByteDance is talking with the new partner Oracle so that they can make a new company called TikTok Global. The new company will address all of the US security concerns. However, the commerce department is sure to get the app away from Apple Store and Play Store.

The official announcement about the ban has not been made by the concerned authorities of the US Commerce Department. However, the ban will not prevent US companies to do any business with the applications. The ban has been imposed because of the executive orders issued by the President on 6th August. The deadline for the executive orders issued by President Trump expires on 20th September. The Commerce Department will not ban people from using the applications but will stop them to do any updates or new downloads. The users of the applications will also not be penalized while using the applications.