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Snap, Datadog, Crowdstrike and other stocks bounced back in the ‘Buy’ rating



Stock markets due to pandemic

It is a known fact that stock markets have always been unpredictable and that you might see days where the markets are absolutely climbing and you don’t know why that happened. And on other days, there will be a huge plunge and you still don’t know why that took place as well. So this is to say that stock markets are determined on a daily basis and rarely does it happen that historic events affect the market. It is also possible that some analysts would influence the market in such a way that it could lead to a rise or fall in a single day.

Talking about the same, we have seen Nasdaq going down in the last few days which was the only stock that was going up due to it being tech-heavy and the tech stocks performing well. Now, we are here to tell you that some of the Nasdaq stocks have rebounded after tough few days and have come back in “Buy” range. Analysts are known to give the “buy” mandate only to those stocks that they see growing in the future. If the stocks have a “hold” or “sell” mandate then it is better to sell for profits because their future is not as bright.

Some of the stocks that have come in the “buy” range as the likes of Microsoft as well as Shopify among the big tech stocks along with Snap, Datadog, Crowdstrike and others. Having said that, there is still a lot of confusion regarding these stocks as well because even though they have shown some positive signs, it is possible that they might go down and could cause losses in the short term. The only reason why these stocks have a “buy” rating is that all of them are at their 1-week level and they are only expected to go higher from here.