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LinkMe – the Next Viral Platform that will Change the Way We Connect!



TikTok might have been the last buzzy new platform that skyrocketed to the top of the social media industry, but there’s a new platform on the horizon that’s creating quite a buzz in anticipation for the launch of their app in the coming weeks. The new app is Linkme. While we’re well familiar with the concept of new platforms and networks helping us connect with friends and new people, LinkMe connects you in a different way—one that’s just as functional as it is social.

As the internet has irrevocably revolutionized the way we interact and engage, these days, there are endless platforms and mediums that we utilize to connect with friends, colleagues, and family. Whether Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Venmo, YouTube or even Spotify, the number of platforms and online networks is endless. As we now live life in conjunction with who we are online, connecting with people online has become the norm. With so many ways to connect in today’s world, sharing one’s information has become noticeably tedious. This emerging tech start-up is redefining the way we connect and share information with their revolutionary communication platform. LinkMe brings awareness to all your apps and easily connects all your friends’ profiles. In a way, LinkMe does for apps what google does for businesses.

By simply scanning and linking one’s profile, users are able to share all of their profiles across various mediums and social media platforms. For those who are selective in what they share, LinkMe allows users to handpick which profiles and how much information is shared with every person you meet. The concept was developed years ago when two of the founders, Net & Val were working on their previous start-up PartyMoves. At a meeting regarding booking NLE Choppa for their next event, the founders had to exchange their numbers, Snapchat and Instagram profiles with promoters. This took over 15 minutes to accomplish and after that time-consuming ordeal, they came up with LinkMe, a free app that can do it in just seconds.

“We believe connecting and sharing should be simple. LinkMe bridges the gap between all your profiles.” says CEO Net Kohen. “Think of LinkMe like the Panama Canal, but for every platform you use.”

As the new destination for connecting with others, LinkMe additionally shows you the exact location of where you connect with someone, so you’ll never forget where you made that connection. The platform is already gaining traction and has high expectations from many. For the upcoming launch they intend to hold a Tesla giveaway where all one has to do is download the app for an entry—and for every person you invite, you’re given an additional entry to win. And for whatever reason, if a Tesla isn’t quite your thing, the winner has the option to collect $25K cash instead. LinkMe will also award 100 winners with a $20-$100 Amazon gift card and 10 winners will receive a PlayStation 5.

But the app isn’t just for utility. In fact, Linkme also features social capabilities where users can engage and connect by way of their Shout feature. Reminiscent of Twitter, TikTok and Snapchat, the Shout feature is LinkMe’s way of having users connect. Furthermore, in these unprecedented times and as the world continues to take heed of covid restrictions, LinkMe allows users to connect by scanning each other’s QR codes from 6+ feet away, in adherence to social distancing.

With the act of connecting now valued as an asset, LinkMe makes strides to becoming the go-to for sharing information and connecting with new people. To learn more about LinkMe and how to download, visit the App Store or Google Play.

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