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Johnson and Johnson pauses coronavirus vaccine trials because of unexplained illness in a participant



Johnson and Johnson said on Monday that it is pausing coronavirus vaccine trials because of unexplained illness in a participant- the kind of second setback to hit a late-stage test of a coronavirus immunization. All over the world, deadly virus has spread its infection and all the trials have been aiming for a vaccine.

The pause which is aiming to enroll 60,000 people to determine whether the vaccine is safe and effective was told by Stat News’ Matthew Herper.

It is reviewed by company doctors as well as independent board. The company didn’t share much information about the patient details as citing patients’ privacy.

How long will be the pause isn’t determined yet. We’re learning more about this participant’s illness, and it’s important to have facts before we share additional information,” the company said in a statement.
A coronavirus vaccine trial – British drugmaker AstraZeneca is facing a kind of same setback. In September, they paused the trial after the participant had an adverse reaction.

The trial had initially expected to yield early results by the end of 2020, but as of now, the findings are delayed.

J&J emphasized that so-called adverse — illnesses, accidents, and other medical outcomes — are a part of a clinical study. The vaccine study is not under a clinical hold. J&J said that while it communicates clinical holds to the public, it does not inform the public of study pauses.

COVID-19 originated from Wuhan, China and all over the countries people are wearing masks and sanitizing hands. In the wake of the current situation, people are using mask as vaccine as of now but many trials have been going on to curb the deadly virus. Until then, J & J and many other companies are doing effort to come up with a vaccine.

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