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Idahome Solar Makes Transition to Solar Seamless



More Americans are tapping into the power of the sun to provide electricity for their homes as the cost of going solar continues to drop; in the last ten years, the cost of household solar installation has gone down by 70%. Residential solar is now a fact of life in all 50 states, with over 2.8 million U.S. households having gone solar. Growing awareness of solar energy’s role in addressing climate change is one reason; rapidly falling prices for solar panels are another. No matter what drives a homeowner to switch to green energy, the result is undoubtedly beneficial for the environment and the household’s budget. Many families have contemplated the switch, but not everyone has committed to it. Many are left without a clue where to begin and what company that promises a bright and sunny future to trust.

Idahome Solar, founded in 2018 in Bose, Idaho, by Tyler Grange, makes the switch to solar and the transition easy and smooth. Grange saw too many Idaho homeowners struggling with the upkeep of solar panels and equipment installed by other less reliable companies and sharing their negative experiences with their neighbors willing to go solar, thus discouraging them. Idahome Solar’s mission, as Grange defines it is that “solar power should be accessible to everyone.” “We specialize in providing financing options that help you save on your monthly bills immediately. We also believe in making the installation process quick and professional — with weekly check-ins, we’ll never leave you hanging,” explains Idahome Solar’s founder of his company’s mission. With Idahome Solar, the whole experience of transitioning to solar and equipment maintenance becomes seamless and trouble-free.

Idahome Solar’s team packs over 25 combined years of experience in the solar power industry covering all aspects from putting ground-mounted and roof panels, home battery and solar tracking systems installation and fine-tuning, and more, making the company a go-to provider of turn-key solar solutions. On the financial side, Idahome offers an entirely new way of purchasing and financing home solar systems. With zero down and a fixed monthly payment comparable with a regular electricity bill, homeowners will make payments towards their equipment instead. “With a utility bill, the price goes up and down depending on usage,” Grange says. “But with solar, instead you’re not paying for consumption, you’re paying for your solar panel equipment. At Idahome Solar, we’re flipping someone’s liability into an asset.” As a result, homeowners get the best of two worlds: they go solar and create an added home value. It is no secret that homes with solar power equipment fetch a higher price on the market.

With Idahome Solar, all homeowners’ fears and doubts associated with going solar should go away. So cast your doubts aside and visit Idahome’s user-friendly website to do the switch.

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