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How Skye Drynan’s Childhood Dream Evolved Into a Fashion House



Skye Drynan, House of Skye fashion house’s founder, CEO, creative director, and designer, has had a penchant for designing clothes since she was a child. However, twenty successful years in the finance world stand between her childhood dream and her brainchild—House of Skye fashion house founded in 2016. She brings an acute business mind and a clear vision of purpose from her years in biotech finance. Reinforced by her talent as a clothes designer and a hands-on approach to everything she does, it produced a flamboyant phenomenon in the fashion world, House of Skye.

House of Skye fashion house owns such brands as Dulce Bestia, Sexy Back Bra, and BareBack—clothes, women’s lingerie, and men’s underwear brands. In the five years since its launch, House of Skye has become quite a sensation in Hollywood. Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Carrie Underwood, Jared Harris, and many other celebrities were spotted wearing Skye’s dresses on numerous occasions.

A talented person, as they say, is gifted in everything. Back in her Wall Street days, Skye achieved impressive success in biotechnology ventures, having financed, among other things, meaningful medical breakthroughs. In the fashion business and clothes design, the founder of House of Skye created a women’s lingerie essential that rightfully can be viewed as a breakthrough, though it stays mostly invisible. “My SexyBack Bra is a comfortable and a high-quality invention that took five years of pad development,” Skye says. “There is about two times the number of steps to make this bra compared to the designs of bras currently on the market. My patented technology is what makes the SexyBack Bra unique.”

Bra’s intricate yet functional design allows women to wear an almost invisible yet functional piece of lingerie with any dress and look their best. The SexyBack Bra will be a perfect fit, whether it is a halter back, a strapless, or a backless dress. The bra’s patented design is unique in both its ingenuity and functionality. Consisting of 22 adjustable straps, the bra can be adapted to fit under any top or dress.

Another priceless takeaway from years in investment finance is Skye’s knowledge of patents. She protected her technical bra with seven patents in over 111 countries, with more to come. Ever ingenious and prolific designer and businesswoman Skye may have new products, designs, and innovations up her sleeve that bring together style, functionality, and excellent taste. Stay tuned to the news from House of Skye on Drynan’s Instagram, and check out House of Skye’s new SexyBack Bra and Bareback underwear on their website.

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