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Former Teacher Lauren Grabois Fischer’s The Be Books Helps Prepare Children for a Better Future



“Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world,” once said activist Malala Yousafzai. The Pakistan-born human rights activist knows a thing or two about this, having garnered a Nobel Peace Prize for her own work at the tender age of 17. As the youngest generation will undoubtedly shape the fate of our society, it is more vital than ever to follow Malala’s words and integrate positive learning concepts into the minds of the world’s impressionable youth. One innovative start-up publishing house, The Be Books, is looking to assist the movement toward alacrity through its wide roster of uplifting children’s books, encouraging readers to become the best versions of themselves and creating a brighter future in the process. 

Founded by former school teacher Lauren Grabois Fischer, The Be Books hosts a number of informative and educational books with the intention of tapping into children’s social emotional learning capacities. The easy to follow reading materials, which are each paired with a unique and vibrant set of illustrations by Devin Hunt, encourage kids to both interact positively with one another and effectively express their feelings — two incredibly important skills to have as they begin their journey through the school system.

“Through these books, I wanted to give children different ways to learn how to express kindness, positivity, and gratitude,” said Grabois Fischer, who was inspired by her own experiences with her two young children to begin writing the kid-oriented collection. “By empowering them and letting them know that they can make a difference in the world, regardless of their age, I hope that it facilitates a kinder world, where kids grow up to be more accepting and equipped with behavioral tools and values.”

One of the publishing venture’s popular books, The Light Within Me, empowers youngsters to look within themselves to find peace, using this internal harmony to create a positive change throughout the world. In another of Grabois Fischer’s most read works, Be Who You Were Meant to Be, children are strengthened to cherish what makes them a unique individual, and celebrate the diversity found in others. With the intent on being accessible for kids across the map, this volume is printed in bilingual format likewise perfect for enhancing language skills from an early age.

Now offering a total of eight published texts with a ninth soon to follow, The Be Books demonstrates important lessons for kids, teachers and parents alike to learn how to navigate life with more openness and optimism in a clear and engaging format. Every entry in Grabois Fischer’s The Be Books collection is created with passion, purpose, and a nuanced perspective, ultimately illuminating the world of children one page at a time.

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