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Donny Gillies, Metallica’s “Court Painter” Partners with Trust Me Vodka to Adorn the Next 20,000-bottle Collection



Ancient Greeks adorned amphoras with images of Olympian gods, Games, other momentous events, and celebrities. The tradition to grace pottery with art has been picked up by the American-based vodka company Trust Me. Trust Me Vodka enlists artistic talent from all over the world to create art as the backdrop for their elegant glass bottles. Every 20,000-bottle limited series collection is thus dedicated to a new artist. This time, the partnering talent comes from Ottawa, Canada.

Joining the long and honorable list of artists who have graced Trust Me vodka bottles with their art is Donny Gillies, a.k.a. “Dirty Donny.” Donny is one of the most acclaimed pop culture artists who has won recognition in punk, rock & roll, and heavy metal scenes. The artist uses a broad range of mediums to express his artistic imagination, from skate decks to pinball machines, from hot rods to album covers. Donny’s nostalgic and sincere throwback to the 80s is expressed in his gritty ‘backline’ style, all authentic and hand-drawn in ink on paper with a brush and pens. But, as they say about Donny, there is no surface he has not painted on; this time, on glass.

At the July 27th release party in San Diego, an impressive group of over 300 people got together to meet the artist to the beat of live music by the Bombpops, an up-and-coming band currently touring the U.S. “This time, I was going to have a retro 80s pop trash look, very skateboardesque… and kind of pull together both these elements into two bottles… They look especially cool behind the glass,” Donny talked about his partnership with Trust Me Vodka and his artwork displayed on the limited collection of bottles. “You look through the glass, through the logo, and the liquid… It all looks really cool,” reflects Donny looking at a Trust Me Vodka bottle with his creation at the backdrop.

Donny has risen to fame as the most distinguished illustrator in the world of heavy metal from humble beginnings. Donny’s first paid gig was chalk lettering on the Blue Cactus bar and grill in exchange for food, beer, and occasional cash. He met with Electric Frankenstein, a New Jersey high energy punk rock group; they liked Donny’s bold horror movie art and asked him to do an album cover. Donny’s life changed; from there on, he was paid for his artwork, mainly record covers and posters for other bands, too. In the early 2000s, now a full-time artist, Donny met Metallica’s Kirk Hammet, who had him design a mural. His bond with Metallica growing stronger; Donny became an indispensable member of the team working on the many artistic aspects and having their guitars covered with his art. He created bass guitars for the Donnas’s Maya Ford and Metallica’s Robert Trujillo.

Limited collections go fast, so if you want to take the latest Trust Me Vodka art bottles with Donny’s art home, you can place your order on the company’s website.

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