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ByteDance chooses Oracle over Microsoft: TikTok to close the deal with Oracle!




TikTok is finally successful in selling its business to an American company. TikTok apparently is ready to sell itself to Oracle corporation. The Oracle corporation has won the race of purchasing TikTok from Microsoft corporation. Oracle will be announced as TikTok’s trusted tech partner in the US. Although still, the White House and the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. has to approve the deal. As per the reliable sources, it is also said that the deal satisfies all the concerns around the data security. The deal was finalised after the Chinese government changed the export policies. The changed export policies prevent TikTok from selling one of the aspects of its main algorithm.

It is said that Oracle and TikTok will be in a partnership because there was no significant change in assets. The administrations of President Trump were quite unhappy because of the application and had previously given a deadline to the application for selling itself to a US business. The deadline for the application was made until the 15th of September. The executive order about the deadline was taken on the 6th of August. The parent company of TikTok was given a 45-day deadline. As per President Trump, TikTok was a threat to national security and was breaching personal data of the users.

Microsoft and Walmart have also teamed up to buy the application. As per the concerned authorities of Microsoft, they said that they were well aware of their offer been turned down by the parent company of TikTok. In a statement, they also said that they were quite confident about their proposal. On the other hand, the concerned authorities of Walmart said that they can join the Oracle group to buy the application. They also said that they are continuously discussing the opportunities with the parent company that is ByteDance. The decision of choosing Oracle over Microsoft has come as a shock to many of the experts.