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Apple’s iPhones can now be purchased for 24 months, interest-free by ‘Apple Card’ users



Apple Card

One of the best things that you get with credit cards is financing while purchasing products. While some would say that credit cards are bad, it is always said that you should use a credit card if you know what to do with it. There are people who would spend a lot of credit cards and then don’t have a backup for how they would pay the bills next month. For this reason, credit cards have ruined the lives of people and sent them into debts.

However, users who know how to use their credit cards correctly would say that they are definitely useful. Apart from providing credit, credit cards also offer financing which means you can pay the price of a product in parts. There are many financing options such as paying in 3-month, 6-month, 9-month or a 12-month period. There are credit card companies which also provide financing for 24-months as well as you can add ‘Apple Card’ to that list now.

Because we have just seen TechCrunch’s report which says that you can now purchase iPhones with an Apple Card on 24-months financing. Also, this financing will be provided to you on an interest-free basis provided that you have an Apple Card. Basically, Apple is making it very tempting for Apple Card users to buy an iPhone. Not only will you have to pay interest rates on your 24-month financing, you will also get 3% cashback on your purchase. There are rumours regarding an Apple Prime subscription which will include perks such as Amazon Prime subscription. In this subscription, you might get your iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+ and/or Apple Arcade in one bundled offering. The idea of an Apple Prime subscription sounds interesting because it helps you pay for all the services at one go which is extremely convenient.

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