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Andrew Parry’s BTC Mine Australia Sets The Global Efficiency Standard For Bitcoin Mining



With bit coin consuming half as much energy as the world’s data centers, it is no secret how wasteful the crypto world is at the present.

While proponents argue that it’s less environmentally hazardous than the traditional banking system, at the frenetic rate of growth crypto currencies are currently experiencing, the environmental impact of the blockchain is growing ever bleak.

That is why the new race for the most percipient of investors is no longer directed towards blockchain alone, but more accurately towards sustainable blockchain mining.

Leading the charge is the Australian company BTC Mine. BTC Mine uses renewable energy to mine bitcoin sustainably and at a lower cost than any competitors.

Managed by entrepreneur Andrew Parry, the fund has grown by over 300% in the past 12 months and is well on its way to becoming the new industry standard for blockchain production.

Its Zepro 90 TI technology uses the latest bonding technology to deliver record breaking power consumption of 7.98 KW, offering a technological standard that has no rival in blockchain mining to date.

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